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About me


Hi guys,

*** I´m an Austrian guy and so my English is not perfect. Some friends call it “Henglish”! I’m working on it and try my best, so please be patient with me***

During my cancer therapy in 2016, I learned to love blogging. At that time, I just wanted to keep my friends up to date, because most of the time I had no power to talk on the phone and telling the same story again and again.

Meanwhile I am fit again. You can still find my old cancer blog at www.baenaefit.com.

Blogging is fun for me and that’s why I created a new blog.
Exactly this blog you are reading right now!


What are my interests?

Since my childhood, I am a fanatical athlete. I’m the type who can hardly rest two days in a row. Through my enthusiasm for sports, I have been able to win the national water polo league 10 times in my career so far.

Do not worry, I’m definitely not the stereotype of fitness blogger. Also, I’m a far way from being a fitness model. I’m just a fitness fan, who tries to find time for fitness, children and job. Almost like every parent. Currently I’m the guy who gets up at 4: 45h, to get my training done.
Most of all, I love Burpees!


Even before the therapy and especially much more since then, I am really interested in personality development and motivation. Why was I so fulfilled with motivation – despite cancer therapy – and others cannot even spell the word motivation.


Last but not least “& some good coffee…” I’m a little coffee lover – some people call me coffee junkie! I love good coffee! Everything works better with a good coffee. Honestly I have no idea, how I let the topic coffee flow into the blog… we will see!😊


Burpees / Personal Development / Motivation & some good coffee