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Your goal determines your motivation

Sometimes it is difficult to keep the motivation up! Whether that is in fitness, in your diet or at work makes no real difference. Because it’s always about the same thing! “It´s so hard to get up and work out in the morning!” “It’s too late to exercise!” “I’m too old!” “They are all better […]

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Nov 06, 2017 BernhardHengl 0 comments
Sport helps always

At the moment I’m pushing my Instagram profile. Here I got in contact with Geli and we talked for a while. She follows my blog since some month and is also an enthusiastic athlete AND was also hit by cancer. After reading this blogpost of her, I thought at first that I´m writing! The attitude […]

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Nov 01, 2017 BernhardHengl 0 comments
Motivation and Cancer

Today I have a a guest post by Astrid, who has fighted against several types of cancer. Her story shows that it is NEVER worth giving up! “Find your own way in life!” Pur motivation! My name is Astrid, married and mother of a 13 year old daughter. Exactly 10 years ago I received my […]

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Sep 26, 2017 BernhardHengl 0 comments
How to build a better relationship with your doctor!

Who does not know it! You’re back in the hospital. Finally your doctor comes and you can ask all the questions you have on your heart. Your doctor spends a lot of time with you. He answers you patiently every single question. At the end of the conversation all open topics are discussed. All questions […]

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Improve your everyday life by smiling

When did you last laugh or had at least a smile on the jaw? So not because you’ve heard a good joke. But just so! For no apparent reason! Do you still remember? Honestly! Our mouth how often twitch we intentionally upwards? True! We’re relatively rare. However, I am sure that after this article many […]

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