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Does Cancer change your personality?


Last week I had the great pleasure and was able to met Don Ro Schockdiagnose Krebs. Und plötzlich ist alles anders. We were immediately on the same base. Initially it was not so much about our mutuality “cancer”. It was the sport that brought us to the same base. Don is a former SEK (Special Operations Command) officer and in this role sport was important to him. Despite his cancer history, Don has returned to a full professional life as a police officer. Respect from my side for this!

Of course we also talked about cancer. One of our topics of conversation was “Does Cancer change your personality?”

Interesting question! Presumably, every cancer patient has asked this question before. What I have heard – independently of this conversation – from many patients as an answer – was the “egoism”. Egoism has changed.

For some, this “rediscovery” of egoism is manifested in actively taking more time for themselves. For others, egoism is manifesting in the fact that they suddenly treat themselves to things they would never have done before. Still others learn to say “no” through the illness.

It is clear that the disease also works a lot on one’s own attitude. Some report a true mind change.

Although I can not talk about a true Mind Change in terms of my egoism. But a lot has changed in my attitude as well. It was important for me to do sports before the therapy. Since the end of therapy, it has become even more important to me. Especially because I realized that when I do sports, I do not have any fatigue. Fatigue means that you feel tired even though you have slept well.

But if I do not do sports, I have fatigue. Then I get the classic fatigue symptoms, such as tiredness, lazyness, etc. Honestly, I prefer to do one hour of sports every day 😉

Does Cancer change your personality?

In my opinion, cancer does not directly change your egoism. But it gives you much more opportunity to think about yourself.

It does not necessarily lead to more egoism. Just as well, it can go in the other direction and one binds his fellow human beings more into their own lives.

What both Don and I realized was that the cancer makes it more explosive. How do you say so beautiful, the cooking pot goes up faster. However, it also cools down faster.

This is definitely the biggest change and also biggest change for the near ones. The best thing to handle it is always to make yourself aware that the pot is easier to pass over. Very important is also to be open and honest with the others.

Only together we are strong 😉


In this sense, enjoy cooking




Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

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