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Don´t focus on the negative


Two people tell their story of the weekend party. One tells how awesome the party was and how much fun he had. How many great people he has met. How good the music was and about the good mood.

The other person tells you, how bad the party was. That it was too crowded and the music was too loud, so that no conversation could be held.

Both people were at the same party. But both have experienced the evening completely different. The optimist has spent a wonderful evening. While the pessimist had a fuc… terrible evening.

Nevertheless, both have something in common! They both trained their mind. However, one has trained it to positive thoughts and the other to negative ones.

If I have trained my mind to see the positive, then I only see the positive. Likewise, when it comes to negative, when I’ve trained my my to see the negative, I only see the negative!

That means an optimist sees the positive and unconsciously attends to the positive situations in his life. The pessimist is the other way round. He only sees the negative and also unconsciously pays attention to the negative experiences in his life.


Let´s see a small experiment:

In 1968 the American teacher Janet Elliot did an experiment with her students. She explained to the blue-eyed children, that they were not as intelligent as the brown-eyed ones. The reason is that through the blue-eyes more light comes into their head, which leads to an increased melatonin production and this leads to a reduction of the thinking ability.

According to this statement, the performance of the blue-eyed children dropped significantly and that of the brown-eyed increased. Now comes the interesting fact! After some time, she told the students the truth AND then the power of blue-eyed increased again. The really interesting fact is, that the performance of the brown-eyed decreased!

This example shows how much our thinking – our focus – influences us!

Can I direct my thoughts into the positive direction?

It takes a lot of training to change this. But every success begins with small steps. At first, it’s enough to just be aware of what your thought is. Then you can try to see the positive instead of the negative.

I like the saying of Reinhold Messner:

“Faith can move mountains – humans can do everything they want, but a normal human only wants what he can!”

In the next few days, try to be aware of whether you see something positive or negative. If you notice that you see something negative, try to make two positive things out of it. Thus, you direct/train your subconscious mind to the positive.


Have a nice week and let it rock



Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

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