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Power of Positive Attitude


How often have we been sitting in the waiting room and there are still other patients before us? How often have we been stuck in traffic jam and have been too late for our customer meeting? How often have we been waiting for the plane and the boarding was pushed back further and further?

Probably everyone has ever experienced such a situation. The only question is how we handle it!

I had a similar experience close before Christmas.

The last training of the year delivered and now on my way home into the well-deserved Christmas holidays. That training week was really exhausting, because I was in a bad condition. A real man’s cold was starting to grow in me. Believe me, ladies, do not joke with a man´s cold! 😉 Stop laughing and trust me! A man´s cold is not just a cold. It is really aggressive and we men are close before death 😉

At the airport I usually put on my noise cancelling headphones to block out all the hectic noise. That is amazing and I can really recommend this headphones. However, this time it was even too exhausted to put on the headphones. Long story short, I was really, ready and glad that the Christmas holidays are so close.

Let´s get in the plane and home!

Unfortunately, it came other than expected!

As soon as a loudspeaker announcement begins in the boarding area, there starts kind of a hectic, most people get up and ready for boarding. But it turns soon to a mad atmosphere, when the lady on the loudspeakers tells you that the boarding is delayed. Fuc…, if she then tells you that the plane has not landed yet. Great! Man’s cold and delayed.

I was not the only one, who was not amused about that news. Some people automatically rushed to the boarding information desk to either inform themselves or complain. A gentleman, estimated in the mid-fifties, complained too loud. He told the lady and the gentlemen some really not nice words. You could see his blood pressure risen. His carotid artery was visible. He was really mad and pissed!

Sometimes, there are moments in life, when you should not smile!

Well, that was one of those moments. Please trust me, I was not aware that I was smiling at him.

However, at that moment I remembered one of my favorite quotes. “Keep calm and do burpees”! (You don´t know what´s a burpee, then click on this link). That thought made me smile!

This quote reminds me, that there are things in life, which I cannot change. I can only change things and events, which are in my power. I cannot land a plane. During my cancer radiation, I visualized that I will get some super powers from the radiotherapy. But… Trust, I got no super power.

Everything has a second level! My thoughts!

Indeed, I have a superpower. The superpower of my own thoughts and my mind. I decide how I think about a situation. My mind and my thoughts decide, which feeling can grow up in me! That is my power. It is my mind that I can control and that provide me with a positive attitude. Therefore, the quote “Keep calm and do burpees” always reminds me to think positively.

As I said, that’s what came back to my mind and I had to smile. Unfortunately, an unconsciously eye contact with the choleric happened at exact that moment. Suddenly, I was his enemy and got his full frustration.

Thanks god, I did not tell him “Keep calm and do burpees”. Believe me, then he would have completely exploded. However, when he took a short break, I took all my courage and tried to explain him, how I try to see the situation. He accepted that wordlessly and left.

When the plane was finally ready for boarding, he did not pay any attention to me. At least he was quieter and did not shout on anyone anymore.

But the interesting part happened later!

After landing, we again ran into each other at the baggage claim. The choleric man thanked me! Again! He thanked me.

He told me that he was thinking about my words throughout the flight. These words have really made him think. Because he has never looked at it from my kind of perspective. My perspective would really make everything calmer and easier.

The feedback was a total surprise for me. Never in my life I have expected something like this!

Maybe next time you will think, about my quote, if you get into such a situation. Maybe a smile runs across your face!

#PositiveAttitude #KeepCalmAndDoBurpees

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

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