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R.I.P. #CancerAthlet


Sometimes in life happens things that haven´t been expected to be. One or the other has probably noticed that a great person – who supported me a lot during my cancer therapy – died surprisingly. It’s interesting to see what’s going on in your own mind, if something like this happens!

This incident made me thoughtful. Once again, I realized how short life can be and how fast it can end. If I’m honest, I’ve never thought about my own death. Somehow this has never bothered me. My fear is not that I will eventually die. But I’m more concerned that I do not always get the best out of every day. How many times does it happen that I go to bed thinking “I didn´t get the best out of this day”. By “best” I don´t mean more work, more success or something similar. I mean much more the focus on the moment. Simply less fast-paced!


A surprising tip

A few weeks ago a friend wrote me, if he can ask me something very personal. Sure! If I´m aware that the hashtag #CancerAthlet I always signal to my subconscious that I just still have cancer?

Hmmm …. he is completely right. When analyzing the word #CancerAthlet. This is an athlete who has cancer!

However, I do not want to have cancer anymore !!!

For a long time I thought about how to change that Hashtag. But I fully identified myself with the #CancerAthlet. This name was given to me during cancer therapy by my wife, because I have done sport despite Chemo & Co. Although no competitive sport. Sometimes 500m were going too much for me. But still sport!


R.I.P. #CancerAthlet

Now I have decided to “free” my subconscious mind and to bury the #CancerAthlet.

With my story I want to show like-minded people THAT and especially HOW it is possible to get fit again. Since childhood I was always very athletic, I wasn´t able to understand someone, who is not doing sport. Due to the chemo and radiation my condition was reduced to virtually zero. So I got knocked down to the bottom. Life showed me how hard it is to motivate yourself to do sport and how much your body hurts afterwards! How hard it is to start and stay tuned!

I’ve gone through this by myself. Now I´m able to understand how hard the way to top is. In addition I’m a real burpee lover. Who does not immediately know what I mean: here is a video! Thus the new hashtag was very obvious. Still needed three weeks for it. Hahahaha ….





My Mission

My mission is to help as many people as possible to get more MOTIVATION and FITNESS into their daily life. These are both topics that have always accompanied me in my life. These two topics I really LIVE!

No matter what question concerns you about these two issues, ask me your question. Feel free to contact me via Facebook, Instagram, e-mail or in the comment field below. If I can not answer your question, there is definitely someone among my friends who can!


Enjoy your day and let it rock




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