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Reach your goal!!!


Welcome new year! Most of us have set some goals. Maybe you too! In the most cases these goals will fail in January. Why?

In my opinion, there are two ways to reach goals. We will take a depper look on both of them.

1,2 or 3! Last chance gone

The first option is your so called “Last chance”. That situation happens when you are standing in front of a wall and no way to over come it. Let’s say your Doctor tells you that he can only do the necessary surgery (which will save your life), if you lose at least 20kg. This is your only way you can stay alive. What will happen, you will try whatever is possible to lose this 20kg.

Hopefully you will reach your goal and get the important surgery. Lucky you!

The question will be, what will happen after the surgery. But that is another topic. Here in this post we will focus on reaching our goal.


I think there is a far better way. “Self-awareness! Know yourself!”

Let’s call it “Self-Awareness”. How can self-awareness support you in reaching your goal?

Very easily! If you understand yourself better, you are able to plan the goal setting better.

Let’s take a look at the different personality preferences. Carl Gustav Jung has assumed in his scientific work “Psychological Types” that people perceive situations differently due to their own preferences. Long story short, out of these Jungian preferences, Insights developed their four personality preferences colors. We will use these four colors to better understand yourselves.

First of all, a short overview of the four Insights colors, so that we are all on the same base of knowledge.

The four Insights colors are diveded into Introverted & Extroverted and as well Thinking & Feeling.

Introverted + Thinking

People with a high cool-blue preference are introverted and want to understand and know their world. These people think before the act. Therefore, they tend to take a silence and fact based position. “Speaking is silver, silence is gold!” could be their motto at the beginning. They prefer to communicate in writing form rather than verbally.

“Give me all the information and time to think about it, so that I can make my decision! Because I want to do it right! “

Introverted + Feeling

People with a high earth-green preference are also introverted, but more focused on the feelings compared to coool-blue. They prefer personal relationships and are close to their values. It is important to them that others can rely on them. They are often perceived as quiet and calm people. For earth-green preferences the personal level is very important.

“Does it fit my values? Then I like to support you! We make it appreciative and harmonious!”

Extroverted + Feeling

Like the earth-green preferences, people with a high sun-yellow preference are more focused on the feelings. However, they are extroverted, which sets them apart from the introverted earth-green preferences. People with sun-yellow preference have a friendly charisma and have a positive attitude. They love to be surrounded by other people and enjoy the contact with them. They are happy about every new contact.

“Let’s get together! If we ask the others to join us too, then it’s even more fun! “

Extroverted + Thinking

The red color preference is characterized by its high action orientation. People with this preference are not used to stand still. They are very purposeful and results focused. They have a very direct communication and like to make the decision.

„We do it now!“

The four colors in us

Important to know is, that we all have each of the four colors in us. However, the amount of each color is different. Someone with a high fiery-red energy also has a certain amount of earth-green. Logically much less then an earth-green!

Did you find yourself in one of the four colors? Do you have a preference for the cool-blue reflector, the earth-green supporter, the sun-yellow inspirator, or rather the fiery-red director?

As you may realized, it makes a difference which color preference is your highest.

Now let’s take a look how you can use this knowledge to better reach your goal.

Cool-Blue Goal Setting

If coolblue is your preference, then it is advisable to take enough time for the planning part. You will make your decisions on logical base. Therefore, this may take a little time. It will be useful to set a date until you have to finalize your goal setting. Maybe you also include a friend to support you. Otherwise it can happen that you are still in the planning phase in summer.

Earth-Green Goal Setting

Take your time for the planning phase. Think about what impact your goal might have on your values. So that you do not stop halfway, because you realized that your goal is not in line with your values anymore. Your goal will lose against your values. It is recommended to discuss your goal with your best friend and seek their advice. You should also set a deadline until you want to have your planning phase completed.

Sunshine-Yellow Goal Setting

Keep in mind that your goal will not become a routine. Routine is the death for you. It is recommended to implement some smaller goals. Use these smaller goals to also adjust your goal a little bit. So you won´t get stuck in routine. Wtite down your goals and tell it to as many people as possible. With this commitment it will be more difficult for you to spontaneously move to the next goal. And do not let others bring you to leave your way!

Fiery-Red Goal Setting

It is recommended to set a goal, where you alone are responsible for the outcome. So that it is in your own hands and you won´t get disturbed by the “inefficiency” of others.

Let us reach our goals and get more Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness is the key!

Let me know what goal you have set. You are welcome to use the comment field below or send me an email to bernhard@bernhardhengl.com!

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