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Sport helps always


At the moment I’m pushing my Instagram profile. Here I got in contact with Geli and we talked for a while. She follows my blog since some month and is also an enthusiastic athlete AND was also hit by cancer.

After reading this blogpost of her, I thought at first that I´m writing! The attitude to sport and the fight against cancer is very familiar to my story! Read yourself …


Dear Ones, I’m Geli, still 37 years old, mother of 3 crazy kids (8, 12 and 13 years old) and wife of a true heart person. In addition, two dogs living with us …… it´s never boring. And that’s just great! Because of that, I did not had any time to put my head in the sand!

In July 2016 I got my diagnosis, completely unexpected ….. where ….. who expects such a message?


Me and cancer, more specifically breast cancer, highly aggressive, superhigh risk of relapse and GenMutant I am to make matters worse (BRCA2). In the back of my mother’s fate, which died soon after her breast cancer diagnosis, I was then 3 years old.
All this started a therapy marathon, I can tell you …. which I have completed exactly now, with my last of 4 OPs, the prophylactic removal of my ovaries! Am now almost immediately in the change and have to fight with hot flashes and little to no sleep …. hmpf!

That I already know from my ZoladexTimes, my ovaries have been paralyzed for the past few months. Is annoying, but not more! And above all, it bears no relation to a new cancer diagnosis, which in my case unfortunately is due to the genetic disposition (BRCA2 means not only increased risk for breast cancer, but also for ovarian cancer and a few other cancers).


Sport helps always

At the time of my diagnosis, I was at the peak of my physical fitness!

Sport was and is incredibly important to me!

And I’m absolutely convinced that much of this sport has helped me get rid of all this, OPs, Chemo and Co. so well. 10 days after my ablatio I went back ….. everyone shook their heads, I did not care, because for me it felt absolutely right.

Then came the chemo. And also during this time I was diligent in sports, mostly endurance and a bit of functional training, inline skating and cycling. And I was always aware of what’s up: of course I did not miss any party, was skiing, have made various city trips and spent a lot of time with me alone!

And when I hear: “Man Geli, rest yourself! After the chemo can accelerate again!”, I thought only: “But I am also so well during the chemo, that I can do anything and who I know how long I still have, why should I slow down, I’m fine, I’m alive now! “


Rehabilitation does not just help the body

Then I went to rehab, did really well. Also, the knowledge that my husband at home already throws the store, I should not be more. No nice thoughts, but are part of it and wanted to be thought and felt by me as well.

Immediately after the rehab, I ran my personal best at a fun run over 8 km … what have I always done in front of various runs. Always a head that I did not train enough and therefore can not run so fast and me missing the long stamina runs and also I have a little scratching my neck and I slept only inadequate and blablabla….

This time it was just about doing and bääähm ….. works great, if the head takes a break! Faster than ever!


“Let´s push this body”

In August 2017, the mastectomy of the other breast and the simultaneous bilateral breast structure of intrinsic tissue from the inner thighs, the so-called TMG FLAP! About half a meter of scars on the body, but the secondary disease risk to a minimum and reduced thighs!?

I can now go without a bra! And again it was again that I have recovered above average fast from the over 5-hour surgery!

Yes, the sport and a sport body that is used to regenerate quickly!

Already in September I had to go under the knife again, because in my womb something grew, which does not belong there. Fortunately, this something has turned out to be a benign polyp, but I still have a bit of a bibble until the pathological findings were there.


My Future

And now I am currently back in the hospital, hopefully for the last time concerning this whole cancer history ….. and forge future plans! Hui, that’s nice!!! I will study again, and that’s what I’m really interested in: Fitness and Health Management!!! Maybe I’ll be happy!

At the beginning of my diagnosis, I was still wondering if it would make any sense for me to buy new shoes before I bite the grass. In the meantime I dare to look a little further into the future!

Sport also makes sure to get the pear free !!! I always fell into a psychic hole, if for whatever reason I could not exercise …..


Live your life


What I also learned in the last months: to listen and do what my feelings tell me!

After diagnosis, I devoured EVERYTHING what the cancer literature has to offer, really everything, wanted to find the RED FADEN for me and also tried to live it, to feed me as cancer correct as possible, etc. but ….. but you know What?

That’s not fun and besides, who else gives you the guarantee that the shit does not come back anyway? And then maybe I would have been mortified for years? No definitely not!!!!!

I try to find a golden mediocrity for me, means balanced nutrition, sports in all its facets and live, as I imagine life, not as I am expected. And then there is the pork roast dripping with fat as well as one or the other noise.

I had to learn that first!!!

Making me free of conventions, addressing things that do not suit me, saying no …. just doing what feels good and right. I suddenly have a completely different approach to my children, I have the feeling that I’m even closer to them, I want to give them that on the way, which is dear to ME. Before that I worked, as befits a mother and housewife and wife. I did not feel bad about it, never, only now it is just different, feels so much better and right.


Real friends needs life

…. and because it should be mentioned: I have an incredible circle of friends! I am so thankful and never felt alone. The whole sympathy, the good wishes and thoughts as well as every little attention around me have created a force field that makes the air crackle! No matter what else, there is always someone there!!!


Finally, a few things that I found out for myself:

1. ACCEPT!!!!
To quarrel with his fate or the question of why does not change the fact that it is the way it is now. Life goes on!!!

It’s so much easier for everyone to have things spoken and communicated. It not only took away my fears, but also my whole environment. Everybody knew, there must be talked about, even in front of the children, no secrecy, no wild rumors! As soon as I knew something new, I trumpeted it! Did me good and everyone else knew immediately!

It’s not easy, but it works well and I almost believe that helping people around a hug is extremely important. So they can somehow contribute to recovery or well-being and feel the already much unpleasant situation is not so exposed.

Of things that do not do you any good. From people who do not do you good. Of habits that do you no good …… you understand ?!

5. LIFE!!!!!
If not now then when?!

And finally:
Everyone has their own lives in their hands and should make them feel good and right. Point.

I have found MY way to deal with it and I wish you that too!

All the best for you from the bottom of my heart!


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