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True strength you will only see in the darkest moments!

Hard times show, what you are able to do! Hard times show, how your heart really beats! Hard times show, from which wood you are carved! My therapy has been finished two years ago. Next week is the big two-year check. That means it is time to think a little bit about the last months. […]

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Your goal determines your motivation

Sometimes it is difficult to keep the motivation up! Whether that is in fitness, in your diet or at work makes no real difference. Because it’s always about the same thing! “It´s so hard to get up and work out in the morning!” “It’s too late to exercise!” “I’m too old!” “They are all better […]

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R.I.P. #CancerAthlet

Sometimes in life happens things that haven´t been expected to be. One or the other has probably noticed that a great person – who supported me a lot during my cancer therapy – died surprisingly. It’s interesting to see what’s going on in your own mind, if something like this happens! This incident made me […]

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