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True strength you will only see in the darkest moments!


Hard times show, what you are able to do! Hard times show, how your heart really beats! Hard times show, from which wood you are carved!

My therapy has been finished two years ago. Next week is the big two-year check. That means it is time to think a little bit about the last months.

During my therapy, and even more afterwards, I have met many people with serious diagnosis. Honestly, I’m still impressed of the strength of each one.

These people show on a daily base what it means to be mentally strong. It is not easy to enjoy your day when you have a serious illness. Where do these people get their power?

What all of them have in common is that none of them got broken by life! They take the hard times to learn from! They accept the hard times and try to make the best of it.


No matter what you have to go through, it makes you harder!


In my opinion, the most important thing is to have a GOAL! All these fighters have a goal. Each of them has its own goal.


Without a GOAL, it is impossible to keep the MOTIVATION up!


This applies to athletes, for your own career, for weight loss and to all hard moments. When the goal is clear, the willingness to fight is always there! No matter how hard it is!



Athletes who know exactly what they want, are more successful than others. These athletes are ready to train hard when the days get long and nothing works. The barbell from last time is too heavy. When the actual mood is totally down. These people have their goal in mind!

Business people are ready to take the extra step. Ready to take on another project. Are ready to start earlier or stay longer. They have a clear vision of their career. These people have their goal in mind.

People who have lost a lot of weight, all have a clear idea where they wanted to go. These people were ready to not eat the best cake of their grandma. They were ready to go one step further. These people had their goal in mind.


The hard times are always tough!

With a GOAL in mind, the MOTIVATION comes by itself!


What´s your GOAL?

HERE do you find support to find your own GOAL!



Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash


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