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Improve your everyday life by smiling


When did you last laugh or had at least a smile on the jaw? So not because you’ve heard a good joke. But just so! For no apparent reason!
Do you still remember? Honestly! Our mouth how often twitch we intentionally upwards? True! We’re relatively rare.

However, I am sure that after this article many of us much more often only just time “for no reason” will smile.

Because smile makes happy!


What this smile gonna do with us?

It is important to know, that our brain is really simple programmed. Our brain cells does not realise, if it is a fake smile or a happy smile from a joke or something simular.

The brain cannot differentiate between a “fake” and an honest smile.

As soon as your muscles in the face move  and a smile flits over your cheeks, this is the sign for your brain to pour out endorphins. This is a stored pattern, which is called up here. Our brain is programmed that this movement is immediately and inevitably linked with positive thoughts. So we can not be anytnhing else than happy. The smile immediately puts us in a positive “state of mind”.

If you laugh, more than a hundred muscles are involved! It is not only the facial musculature, also the breathing muscles ae involved. Even better, warm laughing is a whole-body training. The whole body is busy by moving his muscles because of your laugh. The head is moving, the abdominal muscles are tightend and the whole body is bending. So the best whole body training and it´s funny too!


Smile heals

There are studies from the US who shows that laughing supports the healing process in your body. The simple reason is that the stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisone – are inhibited in the body. Instead, serotonin is excreted in the body. Serotonin is finally known as the lucky hormone.

It is also rumored that laughing supports the fight against cancer in your body! The reason is that body-specific mechanisms are addressed and these combat the proliferation of cancer cells. However, I do not have a meaningful study for this!
But in my opinion this sounds very logical.


60 second smiling

As already explained our brain does not distinguish between a fake and an honest smile. Both signal the brain that we are in a good mood. The laughing muscles are activated and the brain is looking forward.

Since I have understood that this does not make any difference for the brain, I always try to incorporate “smiling” phases into my everyday life. What is easier than to smile, if you stand at the red ampel. The worst thing that can happen is that the guy beside you in the other car also starts to smile.

It is truly unbelievable what cause 60 seconds to smile.

Just give it a try and raise your mouth for 60 seconds !!!

During my radiotherapy I got a panic attack. The time before each fuc… radiotherapy was not easy for me. I was scared that I would get an other attack. Here I tried to pull it up with a fake smile just before the radiotherapy. Unbelievably! It has worked every time and put me in a much better mood.

So if it helps in such situations, it can help even more in everyday life!



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