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What should people tell about you?


My little imaginary friend – let’s call him Kremo – is currently very concerned about the topic “meaning of life”. Like Kremo, many former and current cancer patients have the same thoughts.


The “Funeral

Kremo is invited to the funeral of his friend Tom. Kremo has found many friends, who are also cancer fighter like him. Unfortunately, people are dying. As hard as it is, it is the way of life.

On the way to this funeral Kremo met many sad faces. But also many people who looked happy that they had the change to get know Tom. People who rejoice that they were part of the way of Tom. However, it was these “happy” faces that irritated Kremo.

“Okay, they were part of his way, but how can they be happy about that, now?!” These and more thoughts whirled through Kremo’s mind as he stood in line to the casket. Still lost in thought, Kremo suddenly stood in front of the casket. When he wanted to say goodbye to Tom, he noticed that Tom was not in the coffin!

He – Kremo – was lying in the casket!



Totally shocked and confused, Kremo moved around and suddenly realized that he was at his own funeral! Now his mother was walking to the lectern to give a speech!

Bathed in sweat and completely disturbed, Kremo woke up! Thanks god everything was just a dream!!!

However, Kremo wasn´t able to get this dream out of his head. Not so much the thought of his own death. But much more what his mother would have said about him. Would she had much to say? Was Kremo a good son and a good brother? How did his mother feel about him? All these thoughts about the possible word of his mother were still in Kremo’s mind.

They occupied him so much that he spent an entire evening thinking about his mother’s words. But not the words his mother would have said. It was more about the words with which he would like to be remembered.


The right words

When he thought about it long enough, Kremo found the right words. Kremo wants to be remember to his mother as a son, who loved his mother, father, siblings and all other family members and the one who was always there for them.

The longer Kremo thought about it, the more he realized that he was not exactly that son. He realized that although he loves his family, he was not always there for them.

Through this thought, Kremo realized that he would like to spend more time with his family. So that his mother will say exactly those words about him at his proper funeral.


The own work

Just this evening and some time for himself to think about how he reacts on others, has moved a lot in our Kremo! Kremo has taken several more evenings to reflect on his appear to this other – important for him – people!

What would his best friend Tom have said on the “dream” funeral about Kremo?
What would his own children have said about him?
What would his work colleagues have said?
What would his teammates have said about Kremo?


Let´s now Kremo think even further about his actions.

What would people tell you about your funeral?

Feel free and share your thoughts!


Photo by Easton Oliver on Unsplash

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