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Your goal determines your motivation


Sometimes it is difficult to keep the motivation up! Whether that is in fitness, in your diet or at work makes no real difference. Because it’s always about the same thing!

“It´s so hard to get up and work out in the morning!”
“It’s too late to exercise!”
“I’m too old!”
“They are all better than me!”
“I can not do that!”
“Just this one last piece of chocolate!”

… and these are just a few examples of my life. We could probably extend the list together endlessly.


Why is motivation missing?

Why is it so hard to keep the motivation high? The goal is still defined and the way to the goal is clear. Nevertheless the motivation is not 100% available. Who should understand that? Wtf !!!

To be honest, I can not answer you why you are lack of motivation. Because this matter is too complex! However I can show you a few tricks that have worked for me to keep my motivation permanently high. With these tricks I´m able to get up every day before 5 o’clock in the morning and workout.


Find your “why”

This is the easiest and most effective way to get to our goal!
Take your time and think about what your goal should be. Imagine someone asks you “What’s your goal?” and try to answer that question as accurately and understandably as possible. You’ll see that it’s not that easy.

However if you have your goal clearly in your mind, it will be difficult to get off the track !!!


How does it feel

When you think about your goal you should also be aware of how it feels like if you have achieved it. That means you give your mind the route and now your mind knows what to achieve and how it feels at the goal!

Save the feeling of triumph deep in you!


Change your “how”

If something does not work, change it. An easy example is the low carb diet (a diet in which only a small amount of carbohydrates are consumed). What you really do it till the end of your days, if this diet does not work for you – for whatever reason ever? Would you still continue to hold on to it? Probably not!

Be open to new things!


Just start!

My children want to start today and not to wait till tomorrow! We, as an adult, have often forgotten how to get started. A lot is happening in our heads. Instead of starting at all, we prefer to think again.

Just start now!


Create an #hashtag

Create an #hashtag or rather a metaphor for you (hashtag sounds cooler than metaphor! Hehehe …). The metaphor should be so strong and impressive that it triggers positive feelings in you! This #hashtag primarily serves only you and should include your goal!

Use the #hahstag to keep your motivation high and to avoid lows!


Here are a few tips on how I keep my motivation up. Take your time and apply these tips to yourself.


Recently I came across this quotein a seminar. The quote is from Viktor Frankl. If you have not heard of Frankl yet, I highly recommend you do a google research. A concentration camp survivor who fascinates me through his attitude towards life!

“It should be the goal not to be happy, but to have a reason to be happy!” – Viktor Frankl

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