Not Existing – Sarah’s Journey to Becoming a Successful Athlet

Sarah had always loved running. Ever since she was a little girl, she felt the freedom and adrenaline rush as she sprinted across the green fields of her hometown. As she grew older, she recognized her talent and began training seriously, hoping to one day become a successful runner

However, behind Sarah’s nice smile lay an invisible burden. She often felt invisible, as if she were just a peripheral figure in the world of sports. These feelings of invisibility and lack of entitlement began to impact her career.


Despite her impressive performances on the track, Sarah constantly doubted herself and her talent. Every time she stood at the starting line of a race, a quiet voice in her head whispered that she wasn’t worthy of winning and that the others were much better anyway. These self-doubts made it impossible for her to reach her full potential. Sarah even considered ending her career.

Identify your life-theme

It was only when Sarah confronted her life-theme of “not existing” that she realized her mental block. She began to work on this issue and consciously acknowledged that she deserved to be successful. Over time, she learned to trust in her own strengths.

With a newfound sense of self-respect, Sarah stepped up to the starting line once again. She no longer let self-doubt or external criticism affect her. With a clear mind and a strong heart, she sprinted across the finish line, reclaiming not only victories but also her own self-worth.

Sarah’s story demonstrates how the feeling of not existing can impact an athlete’s career, but also how, through the right coaching, one can overcome these obstacles.

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