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About me



Welcome to my page,


first of all, I´m not a native speaker. To be honest, I failed in English during the school. However, I would like to share my story with everyone. Unfortunately, English is the main language and not German 😉

From one day to the other I got the diagnose “cancer”! What a shock!

Getting a serious diagnosis is always hard, no matter how old you are! However, how you handle this diagnosis is crucial.

Are you only focusing on the diagnose? The only thing you can think about is the diagnose? You are not able to get your head free?


During my chemotherapy and radiation, I met a lot of people, who had exactly that thoughts. They were only focused on their diagnosis or illness. But this is where the devil´s circle begins. Due to the focus on the diagnosis or illness you get into a negative spiral. A negative spiral that leads further and further downwards.

It is totally understandable, that many patients think about the diagnose. This is normal and human. This thought should not become the main focus in life. If the main focus is on the negative, the head cannot be free. Without a clear mind it is much harder to get well.

This does not mean that the head alone can cure cancer. About this topic I have still written a post on my blog http://bernhardhengl.com/en/can-your-mindset-cure-cancer/


On the other hand, I have met many people, who are not supposed to be alive anymore. People who have been diagnosed with an incurable diagnosis. Some of these people have been told that they have only months or even weeks to live. Exactly these people are still alive!

I wasn´t able to understand that during my own cancer therapy. Why do some fall into such a deep hole? Others emit so much joy for life?

Exactly this topic “Motivation vs Cancer” has captivated me. Even during my own cancer therapy, I started reading dozens of books, attended seminars and training.

With my blog I want to help people with a serious diagnosis!


My story:

Before my cancer diagnosis, I played water polo in the Austrian National League and in the National Team. In my active time I won the Austrian National League 9 times. Shortly before the cancer diagnosis, I have finished my active career to have more time for my wife and children.

During cancer therapy I had a big goal: to win the 10th title. This thought has motivated me! 11 months after the last radiotherapy, I have reached this goal. This goal helped me focus on something else than cancer!

If patients get asked what goal they have – apart from getting healthy – many of them don´t have an answer. Get inspired on my page.

Feel free to share my page to help even more people!


Yours Bernhard