Inspire people and support them to reach their goals

Inspire people and support them to reach their goals

About me

About me

My Story

Bernhard Hengl

School dropout

At 17, I impulsively dropped out of school, driven by a rebellious spirit and a misguided belief that I knew it all. My focus shifted to water polo, competing at the national league level, where the thrill of the sport consumed my days. However, reality soon caught up with me. Two months into an apprenticeship as an electrician, I realized this wasn’t the path I wanted for the long haul. Determined to carve out a different future, I enrolled in evening classes to earn my high school diploma.

For the next three years, my life became a juggling act. Days were spent on the construction site, honing my skills as an electrician, while evenings were dedicated to schooling or intense water polo training sessions. After completing my apprenticeship and obtaining my A-levels, I embarked on a new journey, delving into the world of law. Yet, amidst the rigors of legal studies, my passion for water polo remained strong. Balancing the demands of academics with coaching underprivileged youth, night shifts, and occasional construction gigs became my routine.

The birth of our first child marked a turning point. I seized the opportunity to join a trainee program at a well-known bank, all while continuing my studies and competing in water polo at a high level. This period was a whirlwind of professional growth, personal milestones, and relentless dedication. Eventually, I found myself in a new chapter, relocating to my wife’s homeland. Here, I transitioned into banking audit at one of the “Big 4” firms before venturing into sales. Despite these professional shifts, my commitment to family and career never wavered.

With the arrival of our third child, I made the bittersweet decision to bid farewell to my cherished water polo career. Nine national league titles adorned my journey, a testament to years of hard work and unwavering passion. As one door closed, another opened, ushering in a new phase filled with fresh challenges and opportunities for growth.

Set your goals, stay strong and don't give up

Dark days and my comeback

Despite my focus on family and my professional career, I felt a strong pull back to water polo, eager to support the national team once again. But fate had other plans. During my preparation, I was diagnosed with cancer. This devastating news shattered my dreams temporarily. The battle was tough, marked by grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In the depths of despair, I made a pivotal decision: I wanted to win my 10th water polo title, despite the doubts and naysayers. Though I could barely walk 500 meters, the flame of determination burned bright within me. Against all odds, I embarked on a journey of resilience and unwavering resolve. 

I set my sights on the goal and poured my heart and soul into training and recovery. Eighteen months later, against all expectations, we stood victorious, clutching my 10th national league title. This triumphant moment ignited a newfound passion for coaching and leadership within me. 

Fueled by my perseverance, I immersed myself in various coaching courses, eager to share my experiences and inspire others. Each day brings new lessons and challenges, and I embrace them wholeheartedly, driven by the belief that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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  • Master of Law (Mag. iur.), Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck
  • Effective Management and Performing (EMP), Malik Management Center St. Gallen
  • Situational Leadership & Situational Coaching, The Center for Leadership Studies
  • Certified Personal & Life Coach (LSB Lebens- und Sozialberater), WIFI – Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut
  • Certified QDM Expert Project Manager, American Society for Quality
  • Certified NLP Master/Trainer, NLP Akademie
  • Insights Discovery Practitioner, The Insights Group Limited
  • FedEx EMEA Sales Leadership Academy, FedEx Europe GmbH
  • FedEx EMEA Senior Sales Leadership Academy, FedEx Europe GmbH
  • Mindful Leadership 4.0, Mindful Leadership Institut GmbH
  • Certified NLP Master/Trainer, NLP Akademie
  • Life-Themes, Roland Kopp-Wichmann

Do you need to overcome obstacles, want to set goals but don't know where to start?

Life can be challenging and sometimes feels as a rollercoaster. You want to be successful, still have time for your loved ones or start a new adventure. So many dreams and goals to achieve. But where do you start? As Athlete & Life-Theme Coach I can support you. Are you ready to identify your challenges and transform your goals into a journey!

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I will help you to understand how events in your life influenced your thoughts and feelings.

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I will help you to understand how your mind and body work together and how you have a better control over it.


In our coaching session we will work on your challenges and how you can achieve your goals.

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