Inspire people and support them to reach their goals

Inspire people and support them to reach their goals



Real Life Experience

Winning 9 water polo titles and coming back after a cancer therapy to win the 10th title. Made it from apprenticeship to international management in a Forbes 500 company


Every session is infused with real-life experiences, sincere empathy, and a deep understanding of your unique journey, fostering a trusted environment where you can explore, evolve, and excel authentically.

Coaching Background

Coaching has always fascinated me. From various coaching educations, I have extracted the best to develop my coaching approach, which aims to elevate your personal development to a new level.


“Inspire people and support them to reach their goal.”
My mission is it to support you to achieve greatness.

Do you feel that you don’t know what fulfills you?

Are you stuck and thinking what’s my purpose in life? You need some support guidance to be on track.

Are your ready?

to change and rock your life

Contact me

Bernhard Hengl


  As your personal athlete coach I’m here to guide you through the process of identify your challenges and transform your goals into a journey! You’re ready to start making changes in your life and you’re ready to stop feeling stuck. You’re ready to discover how to get re-aligned with your purpose, goals and  challenges, and discover the best path for your greatest life.

After my coaching

  • You will understand how events in your life influenced your thoughts and feelings.
  • You will understand how your mind and body together and how you have a better control over it.
  • I will provide you tools to change your behavior step by step.


What’s your challenge?

What can you expect?

After receiving your submitted form I will personally contact you within 48 hours. During our call I will explain more about my way of coaching and answer your questions.